CRM & Call Center Services

Developing a CRM strategy is an investment of your time that will be beneficial over the long-term. Creating a strategy allows you to set a direction for your CRM initiatives and ensures that your investments are targeted to foster stronger relations with your customers.

As a starting point for developing a CRM strategy, your business should identify its customer profile (e.g. their needs, their level of satisfaction, and what impacts their purchasing decisions). Through this process, you may be able to identify a subset of your client base where you would like to focus your efforts. Your CRM strategy should also define the goals of your business’ engagement with current and future customers to maximize sales, profit and long-term growth. You also need to assess your company’s capabilities and whether it has the technology, human resources and skills to meet these goals.

Our Practices:

  • Telesales
  • Customer service
  • Questionnaire through telephones (Surveys)
  • Customers Classification
  • Customer Status Analysis
  • Promotion Analysis

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